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PTI Leader Ishfaq Paracha Accused For Sexual Harassment

PTI Leader Ishfaq Paracha Accused For Sexual Harassment

Well is it to defame Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf or is it true that provincial Finance Secretary has been involved in sexually harassing a girl in his factory. An FIR has been filed in Risalpur Police station against Ishfaq Paracha that he sexually harassed a girl in his office. It’s been reported by the girl that she belongs to a poor family and is a college student. She wanted to improve the condition of her family by doing some job for that she applied in factory for job and according to her Ishfaq Paracha interviewed her and selected her. The name of the girl wouldn’t be mentioned in the article. The girl said that she got her job on 19th June and on 29th June 2013 Ishfaq Paracha called her to his office and offered her handsome amount of salary if she would offer him sexual services. The girl reported that she denied the offer and tried to went outside but upon this Paracha tried harass her sexually and upon shouting and crying he got scared and let her go outside office.

Well all of this story was one sided so far no one has taken comments of the provincial assembly member about the matter. Lots of such cases are seen to be filed on MPA’s and MNA’s some of them are true and some are fake and are filed just to decrease popularity of a person. In this regard everyone is looking forward to transparent investigation of the case and if the accused MPA is found guilty than he shouldn’t be left unpunished as such cases discourage women to go outside and play their part for their families.

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