Rejection of Abaya Modeling by Ayesha Omar

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 15/05/2013)

According to sources, singer, model and actress Ayesha Omar has rejected the opportunity of wearing Abaya in modelling. Abaya is a Muslim hijab and she did not model for it. She expressed her views that she does not like wearing it and this is the reason she declined this offer of modelling while wearing Abaya. She also said that she is quite moody type and she prefers to work according to her own mood and like to enjoy her work. Media reports also claimed that she was being offered a handful amount according to her demand to showcase in Abaya by a well-known Music company as a model but yet she declined the offer. Not many days ago, many Pakistani fans of Ayesha Omar appreciated her stance on working in Indian film industry. She rejected to work in Indian film industry and won the hearts of many fans. But now after this act, many fans might be hurt by her decision.

She told a leading newspaper that she is an actress and like to work in dramas and after the success she achieved in drama serial “Bulbulay”, all companies are trying to hire her to model for them. She further said that she has loads of work and she cannot fulfil the demand.

Ayesha Omar is hopeful to get best performance award of the year for her performance in drama serial “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”. As a singer Ayesha Omar couldn’t make an impact on the music industry but she still is hopeful that one day she will strike the music industry of Pakistan with a boom. She intends to surprise her fans in the near future. The story of Ayesha Omar being moody is not short. She used T-Shirt labelled with “Little Miss Jihad” a few months ago and that created hype on social media and she had to respond to her social media fans to explain things.

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