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Shisha Smoking Trend in Pakistan

Shisha Smoking Trend in Pakistan

Shisha is also known as Hookah, Water pipe and flavoured smoking. It is a popular trend in youngsters in Pakistan and is a serious health hazard. Man knows it 300 years ago and from the last few years, it is growing at its full speed in Pakistan. Many youngsters of school and colleges are going to hang at Shisha centres in Pakistan and they even do not feel any hesitation in fulfilling their desires. They think that it is just a flavoured smoking but they do not know the reality of shesha it cause many serious diseases. It contains tobacco, molasses’s, fruit odours and tobacco tar and nicotine, which is used to create the natural smell of fruits and tobacco. In Asia, it is common in the Pakistan, India, china, and Bangladesh and Arab countries. Arab women are also taking Shisha. In Arab, cigarette smoking is more common.
Now a day in Pakistan women and young girls are smoking shesha as a fashion. Many colleges and school going girls smoke shesha daily. There is estimation that over one million people in whole world are smoking shesha. Scientific researches on shisha has pointed out that the health hazards of shehsa are mostly similar to that of the cigarette smoking. Shesha affects two major organs of the body that are LUNGS and HEART. It also causes many diseases of the lungs and heart including LUNG CANCER, DESTRUCTION OF THE FOOD PIPE, LOW BIRTH WEIGHT, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) EMPHYSEMA, ASTHMA, and CANCER OF THE WIND PIPE.

It also causes many epidemic and infectious disease due to pipe sharing. Previously in Pakistan old man and women in villages were smoking hookah and cigarettes, but now this trend is rapidly grown up in many big cities of the Pakistan and many restaurants are open that especially offer shesha for youngsters. Shisha contains many metals that are unhealthy for body such as cobalt, lead, chromium etc. There is an estimation that a normal pipe of shesha is equal to 20 cigarettes it means that shisha is 20 times more dangerous than a cigarette. There is estimation that shesha smoking of one hour is equal to 60 cigarettes because it contains carbon monoxide, which is very injurious to the health.  Shisha not only cause above-mentioned disease it also cause cancer of the mouth and bladder cancer.
The exhaled air from the shesha smoker also causes disease in the nearby persons. Therefore, there is, need to educate the people about the unhealthy and dangerous effects of the shisha. Our religious scholar and researchers should rapidly come forward to educate the people about the dangerous of the shesha because this is the only way by which we can make our young generation safe from this poisonous thing. It is the duty of the GOVERNMENT to ban shisha restaurants. Shisha cafes in the posh areas of the country are playing with the lives of youngsters and rising trend if shisha in Pakistan is causing exponential cases of lung and heart cancer and other dangerous and serious diseases.

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  1. your blog is very informative and appreciable. can i get statistics related to sheesha smoking of male and female in Pakistan ?

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