Sindh Govt Website Hacked by PakBugs

Pakbugs seems very busy this week as they have hacked two banking website and now they have got their hands on official government website that is website of Sindh government. According to the hacker this website is also hacked to show the security flaws of the website. The hacker argues that due to such weak security systems Indian hackers hacks our sites. The hackers call themselves Pakbugs and the heads of the this hacking team call themselves Xploiter and Dr. Freak and they admits that they don’t have degree but they are still good than all the degree holders who are working as webmaster and can’t secure their site from getting hacked. These hacker have hacked HBL and ABL websites as well which is a threat to banking community as well as to the economy of the nation.

These hackers have proved that our system can be breached very easily and anyone can get any information very easily. These hacker have written their nick names or changed names all over the website and also played song on the hacked website. According to them its a wake up call for the webmasters to be masters of their field. Pakbugs have also hacked news channel website Ajj.tv this week as well. Webmasters criticize these hackers and argue that they are doing illegal things .ok yes but if someone else from outside comes and hacks our important websites and damages all the data, that will do more harm.

Hacking a website is a crime just like going in to some ones home and stealing things from there, but if a good guard is placed at gate and several alarms are placed, so that if someone access illegally or out way should be identified. In similar way if security of the web is will be unbreakable than how would one come and hack a website. Its better to be safe than sorry. These hackers have not done good thing but its a wake up call for all the webmasters to keep their security at high level.

Sindh Govt Website Hacked by PakBugs
Sindh Govt Website Hacked by PakBugs
Faisal Sardar

Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan. He is also co-founder of this project.

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