Suzuki GD 110: An Improved and Powerful Effort by Suzuki

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 15/06/2013)

Automobile Market in Pakistan is an emerging as well as a promising one. It has huge potential as far as growth and expansion are concerned. Pakistan has a population of over 180 Million and the rate of people shifting to cities in search of facilities and jobs is ever growing. This results in increasing demand of automobiles. Most of the people cannot afford cars straightaway so they usually buy Motorcycles. This has made Pakistan an attractive market for Motorcycle companies and for those who make Motorcycle related products.

Recently Suzuki has introduced Suzuki GD110 in a ceremony that was held in Karachi. It was released in order to satisfy those customers who feel that it is time that Suzuki provides them with something other than 70cc motorcycles that are not only modern in design but also have latest technologies used in them.

Suzuki GD 110 has a beautiful design and the specifications it comes with it are worth praising. Not to mention that the engine employed in this motorcycle by Suzuki is a 4-Stroke vertical type engine having a long stroke technology. Long stroke technology complies strictly with Euro II emission standard as well as the efficiency of the engine is improved while noise levels are kept to a minimum.

Motorcycle uses an auto-decompression system that helps its user to kick start the motorcycle easily and thus chances of reverse kick-back are minimized. This way it is very user friendly.

Riding experience is much better. The reason for it being newly designed cradle type frame that the Suzuki has designed. The name Suzuki is renowned for the delivery of products that are durable and long lasting due to their high quality. Suzuki GD 110 in this regard is no exception. Price of this motorcycle is set to 99,900 Pak Rupees that is considerably reasonable because it is brand new technology with a lot of improvements. This motorcycle is already producing positive feedback from the users and it has thrilled bike lovers of Pakistan.

Suzuki has targeted the youth of Pakistan with this motorcycle as this bike is sending vibes of energy and thrill amongst the youth of Pakistan. The features it present to motorcycle lovers of Pakistan make it a dream come true bike and it holds a well designated place in the future of motorcycle industry of Pakistan.

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