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Unlimited “Pizza Hut” Offer in This Ramadan

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 15/07/2013)

Pizza Hut has kept its tradition on by introducing the “All you can eat” offer during the holy month of Ramzan. This is offer for the pizza lovers as this offer has too much to offer to pizza lovers all around the country. In this offer one can eat pizza of any flavor as much as he/she wants. Not only pizza, Salad and Pepsi are also unlimited in this offer. This offer starts at Iftar time and can be availed till 8:45 pm. Great isn’t it? one can taste all kinds of pizza at a time as you are not restricted to limited flavors. But there is one thing that’s astonishing that the timing of the offer has been reduced to 45 minutes as compared to last years offer, in which the offer was available from Iftar time to 10 pm.

Its high time for all the pizza lovers to go and enjoy their Iftari with Pizza and Salad’s as much as they want. Pizza Hut attracts its customers through this offer in Ramzan and it has been noticed that during this offer the halls of Pizza hut are full at Iftar times and pizza lovers have to wait long to get tables so to utilize maximum time enjoying pizza one have to reach a bit earlier. The most important thing is how much this offer costs? The offer costs Rs. 855/- plus tax, which any pizza lover will surely accept. So its time to enjoy Iftari with Pizza at Pizza Hut.

Unlimited "Pizza Hut" Offer in This Ramadan

Unlimited “Pizza Hut” Offer in This Ramadan

Unlimited "Pizza Hut" Offer back

Unlimited “Pizza Hut” Offer back

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