Veena Malik 10 Dress Change Stunt Before Camera

(Last Updated On: 17/05/2013)

Does Veena Malik stop making controversies? The answer clearly is NO. The Lollywood actress that went to Bollywood and is rightly known as Drama Queen is making it to news once again. Veena Malik this time will be changing her dress 10 times right in front of the camera. The purpose of all this drama is to promote her upcoming Bollywood film. According to Bharti TV, the purpose of the stunt is not only to promote the film “the city that never sleeps” but in addition she is doing this to record her name once again in the world records. The time span will be just 1 minute and she has to change her dress 10 times right in front of a camera which will be capturing her continuously.

It has been reported that she might go for doing practice in order to make sure she performs it correctly in front of camera and not only make a new world record but also it will help in the promotion and no difficulty is faced during the stunt. Reminding you that she recently made a new world record of achieving highest number of kisses on her hand in just one minute time span.

Although vulgarity is main feature of Bollywood, but it seems that rather than using her acting talents, Bollywood is making full use of her body and she is happily giving what they want out of her. This way she is successfully ruining the name of Pakistan at an international level. Let’s hope she doesn’t fail during the stunt and stand naked there in front of the camera this time.

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