Veena Malik Victim of Indian Extremism

Well, its been very clear that majority of Indians don’t want Pakistani artists to perform in India. Its always been said that arts and sports shouldn’t be made part of political disturbances. But Indian racist groups don’t believe it. Due to tensions at line of control between Pakistan and India nowadays, the political parties and armies of both countries are very active. Every time when such situation comes, Indians show their anger in way that they tease or threats the Pakistani nationals residing in their country. We have heard several Indian ministers and other political leaders that sports and arts should be kept away from politics.

Here I will say that actions speaks louder than words and here is an example after Mumbai attacks, Pakistan cricket team was banned to go to India all of us know that how many efforts were being made in order to keep Pakistan team away from Indian soil and up to semi-finals Pakistan team had no match in India. But our tigers made it there and India had no choice but to let Pakistan in. In this way due to the current tensions Indian racist parties have threatened people who were going to see Veena Malik new film just because the film cast consists of a Pakistani actress and in this regard several cinemas were attacked in which that movie was shown.

Indian government so far havn’t said a word about it nor it has taken any action against the people who did this. So what remains behind ? Aman ki Asha ? Is this what Indians call Aman Ki Asha? When the producer of the film was asked about the movie being attacked due to the presence of Veena in it, He came up with a view that it would be better if politics is kept away from sports and showbiz.

Faisal Sardar

Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan. He is also co-founder of this project.

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