ZONG International Calling Offer “Batooni Flight”

(Last Updated On: 06/07/2013)

Calling International numbers is not a problem anymore. Zong has offered a new service that will take away the headache of higher International call charges so that you could enjoy call to your loved ones outside Pakistan. With “Batooni Flight” call to unlimited numbers anytime around the globe now. Don’t feel hesitated or bothered about the bill for there are five different packages within Batooni Flight on the basis of time like there is a daily package, weekly package & fortnight offer. However, there are two monthly bundles known as monthly 1 offer and month 2 offer.
Weekly and fortnightly bundle is only offered to the pre-paid users.
Bundle Details
The daily bundle cuts Rs. 10 for 12 minutes while weekly bundle take away 50 PKR for 60 minutes.
Similarly, 15 days package deducts 100 PKR for 120 minutes. The monthly bundle no 1 deduces PK. 500 for 120 minutes while monthly offer number 2 lets you use 1200 minutes for 1000 PKR.
Three bundles are given keeping in mind the needs of the people around the country and their choices.
Country Names
There are certain destinations given for calling, do not worry, they are all major countries of the world in which people like to travel like UK, USA, Malaysia, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Netherlands and many more. In some territories land-line and mobile calling both are allowed while there are some areas where landline calling is allowed only.
Countries with landline calling only: Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Belgium, UK & Malaysia.
There are four countries where landline and mobile calling both are allowed such as Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and United States of America.
However, there are some terms and conditions applied to it according to the company’s rules and policies.
This offer has a limited time span. Batooni flight does not support SMS package which means messages to International countries will be charged as per the package plan.
How to Subscribe?
Write “sub” and send it to *138# to subscribe.
To unsubscribe,
Just send a blank message to *139#


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