Actress Meera Arrest Warrant Issued by Session Court Lahore

(Last Updated On: 22/03/2014)

Meera’s controversial video with her husband Captain Naveed has been proving a hard cookie for her to swallow. She was summoned along with Captain Naveed to appear before the court because a plea has been filed against her that this controversial video clip featuring both Meera and Captain Naveed in objectionable activities has brought disgrace to the whole nation.

Additional district and session judge sought the appearance of Naveed and Meera but they did not appear. The police was ordered to arrest and bring the couple to the court on 25th of March 25th 2014.

Meera repeatedly claimed that the video was a fake one and it was an attempt to destroy not only her image and position but credibility as well.

There are certain points of view on this issue but majorly it is believed that her in laws released the video in order to get rid of Meera by making this video as basis for the divorce of Meera.

Meera constantly took on the stance that the people behind the video were trying to conspire against her and wanted to destroy her image because she was doing constructive work for the society by constructing a hospital.

Actress had been denying her separation news from Captain Naveed but the way things are going indicate that there really is some problem and this relationship is not going to last long.

Now that the arrest warrants have been issued, it is really interesting to see what strategy Meera and Captain Naveed employ in order to get out of the trouble.

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