Actress Meera Sister’s Fake Degree Scandal

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 03/04/2014)

It seems that Meera and her family has some psychological problem. Meera is involved in a huge number of scandals but her sister Aqsa Rubab did not want to be left behind.

She has jumped on to the scene with fake degree scandal. She is one of the three officers that are being pointed out by Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA) for having fake degrees.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) declared that three officers working in PHA hold fake and bogus degrees and one of them turned out to be Actress Meera’s sister.

NAB received an application informing NAB officials that Aqsa Rubab has a bogus degree. She had political links with Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Jahangir Badar. Due to these links she got selected and appointed in Pakistan Housing Authority as Assistant Director Marketing. Her MBA was found fake and it was revealed that it was printed locally but it showed that it was earned from a foreign institute.

After some time of getting the job, Aqsa Rubab got married to a German national and went abroad with him. She continued to receive salary from Pakistan Housing Authority though.

Two other culprits found of using fake degrees are Deputy Director Information Technology Mr. Asad Ali Shah and Superintendent Mr. Sohail.

National Accountability Bureau has asked the ministry of housing to take strict departmental action against all three culprits having fake degrees.

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  • Aqsa was my year mate in model town college she was not good character girl so principle sent her details to every college and her name was in black list so she was not able to get admission any where . Even she is not F A . So she got MBA degree and high post , i am really sad to read all this . How such people are destroying the country.

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