Annie Khalid Second Wedding Photos / Pictures

(Last Updated On: 28/12/2014)

Pop star Annie Khalid to everyone’s surprise has got married once again. No one was anticipating this so this news appeared like breaking news to almost everyone.

She has chosen a Pakistani businessman Saad Ahmed Khan this time. The marriage ceremony took place on Friday, 26th of December 2014 in Lahore.

Her previous marriage was not a success as it ended up in divorce. Malik Noureed Awan and Annie had a long run of events that media covered. Allegations and blame game was seen from both sides but truth wasn’t revealed.

Although Annie was reported to be hanging out with her friend Saad Ahmed Khan but no one anticipated that they will get married. He is reported as an old friend of Annie and no one was expecting them to get married although they have been cited several times with each other.

The marriage ceremony was low profile and no announcement was done neither the pictures were uploaded. Only few pictures are available. Below are some photos of the couple probably before the marriage. Only one picture of their wedding could be found which is shared below.


Annie Khalid second marriage 1 Annie Khalid second marriage 2 Annie Khalid with Husband Saad Ahmed Khan.jpg Annie Khalid with Saad Ahmed Khan 1 Annie Khalid with Saad Ahmed Khan



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