“Catch” Movie by Khalid Hasan

Every producer and director is cashing this high time of Pakistan film industry. Producers and directors are very well aware of the fact that every Pakistani is hungry of good and quality oriented movie from Pakistan and is expecting more block busters from Pakistani cinema and wants to get amazed. It’s true that after some quality movies which released in year 2013, veiwers are expecting more sensation in 2014. Waar has really raised the bar of Pakistani cinema.

Every day we come to know that someone is coming up with a mega budget movie. Humayoun Saeed announced that he will come up with 4 movies every year. Bilal Lashari is going to release War 2 in near future, his first movie as director stunned everybody. In this regard Khalid Hassan has decided to come up with another movie just after completing his first movie by the name of “Hotel”. Khalid Hassan wants to cash this boom period and have announced that “Catch” will be an action based film which will be picturized in the light of current situation of the country.

Khalid Hassan said that it will be full action pack movie and will attract huge masses to the cinema. The director is looking forward to release Hotel on coming Eid and is very hopeful that it will prove to be a block buster. It’s worth mentioning here that he casted Meera in both of his films. It seems that Meera is very economical in terms of payment and the crisis through which Meera is going, to become part of big movies tells that luck is favoring her. Meera is very happy for being casted against Humayoun Saeed in Catch and she admires the work of Khalid Hassan a lot. Why won’t she? It’s Khalid Hassan who is giving her quality work in crisis.


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