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Controversial Decision of NADRA Regarding National Identity Card

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 06/04/2014)

NADRA has made a controversial decision regarding the correction of National Identity Card and Form ‘B’ of poor public of Pakistan.

If there is any kind of mistake in National Identity Card or Form ‘B’ and regardless of the party that has made this mistake, people now will have to publish the advertisement in three separate newspapers in order to pursue the correction.

According to different media sources, general public is quite disturbed by this strange decision of NADRA and has demanded NADRA to remove this article of publishing advertisement in three newspapers.

People were of the view that NADRA staff commits most mistakes themselves but the consequences are bear by general public. In order to correct one name, a person is made to spend thousands of Rupees for advertisement in newspapers. According to people, earlier only one advertisement in a newspaper was mandatory for correction in the National Identity Card but now for unknown reasons this new article has been introduced according to which a person desiring to do any kind of minor correction in National Identity Card or Form ‘B’ must advertise in three newspapers.

People demanded higher authorities of NADRA to take notice and limit the advertisement to only one newspaper so that every man can easily carry out the correction.

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