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Federal Defence Minister Turned Punjab House to a Marriage Hall

Punjab House Turned to a Marriage Hall by Federal Defence Minister

(Last Updated On: 02/01/2014)

The federal defense minister Khawaja Asif’s son’s marriage was held recently. A lot of money was spent on this marriage ceremony. All the wedding guests came from Sialkot to attend this marriage ceremony in Karachi.They stayed in the building of a government in the Punjab house that is located to Teen Talwar area of Clifton.

The Punjab House turned into a Marriage Hall as wonderful lights were used for the decoration of the Punjab House. It is also said that approximate not in thousand not in  lack even in millions were spent in this marriage ceremony.


The highest level of protocol was also given to guests. Many policemen were also there for their security. VIP guest attended this wedding ceremony at Punjab house. The delicious food was also served for guests.


It did not happen the first time. it also happened in past using government building for the marriage purpose and there is not any one to ask. Iftikhar Chodhri who was a chief justice of that time he had taken money from the house building finance corporation just for his son’s marriage. Agha Siraj Durrani had used National Assembly for a marriage ceremony.

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