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Gajar ka halwa Recipe in Urdu & English

Gajar ka halwa Recipe in Urdu & English

Gajar ka Halvaa is one of Pakistani favourite Sweet dish and it can be serve as dessert. It’s very popular dish in the Pakistan that is especially made on the occasions like Eid, weding etc. Mostly its prepare in winter season, the season of carrots. People also like to gift this to friends. Gajer ka Halwa is kind of deserts serve after Lunch and dinner. Its very tasty but requires a lot of energy and effort to prepare. You can buy it but better is to make it in home.

How to Prepare Gajar ka halwa in Home:
Recipe ingredients and method is:

  • Carrots:           1 kg (crushed one)
  • Milk:                1 kg
  • Sugar:              2 cups:
  • Oil:                  (1/4 cup) or according to requirements
  • Peanuts:          according to requirements
  • Almonds:         according to requirements


First of all take one pan then put crush carrots and milk in it and cook them on a very low flame unless the milk become dry and the carrot become soft then on that stage put oil and then sugar in it. Some people like the creamy touch in it. Creamy Khoya make it more delicious. Spread Khoya on it and cook it for 2,3 minutes. Now dish out and garnish it with dry food and present it to your friend.

Gajar ka halwa Recipe in Urdu & English
Gajar ka Halwa Recipe in Urdu

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