Geo Employee Involved in Mehran Base Attack Says New York Times

Things are not going in way of Geo and Jung Group as they are facing opposition from every part of the country since Hamid Mir has urged that he has been attacked by ISI. His statement spread like fire in the jungle and everybody was shocked on his irresponsible statement. Hamid Mir’s statement has made every patriot in this country angry. After his statement unrest has been seen all over the country whether its army or government or journalists everybody stood against the statement of Hamid Mir. Geo Network is on verge of getting banned for such an irresponsible statement by their anchor.

In such tough circumstances New York times has came up with a astonishing statement and that is, a member of Geo Network was involved in attack on Mehran base Karachi. New York Times further elaborated that the news was leaked from former manger of Geo Network. It has also been revealed that the person belonged to banned organization. He was captured when was about to kill anchor person. This news has again weakened the credibility of Geo Network which is already going through a tough phase.

Media has freedom of expression but media should also keep in mind that what kind of statements they are airing. Statements that can damage integrity of country or can cause chaos in country should be avoided. Illogical statements shouldn’t be broadcasted and anchors and newspersons should really be very careful while commenting about anything.

All the journalists and anchorpersons should be carry huge responsibility on their shoulders only truth should be aired and nothing else. New York times has really put last nail in coffin and have made things very difficult for Geo Network or will this statement of NewYork Times prove to be last straw that broke camel’s back.


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