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Go Nawaz Go Cover Photo, Pics & Wallapers on Social Media

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 22/09/2014)

Go Nawaz Go If some one asks you what’s the most viral line nowadays or what is words are most viral nowadays in Pakistan you will definately answer Go Nawaz Go. The line has gone so viral that even songs are being made on this line. Specailly its the voice of every PTI and Imran Khan lover.

one can imagine how much viral the line has gone as one of the leader of PMLN started shouting Go Nawaz Go instead of Go Imran Go. It seems that Imran Khan has really put this nation together on this line Go Nawaz Go. Social media is full of Go Nawz Go  whehter its facebook or Twitter when you open it, all you read is Go Nawaz Go and hilarious things regarding Go Nawaz Go. The Go Nawaz Go moment started when Imran Khan chairman of PTI got tired of requesting the government, election comission and Supereme Courts about the rigging that was done in elections 2013.


Imran Khan was not asking alot he just was asking to recalculate the votes of 4 constituencies indicated by him but nobody was listening.  Government, Election Comission and Supreme Court were using delay tactics.  Imran Khan knows how to get his right he started a campagin and gave Government a month to do something about his requests told them if they will not do something about his reservations then he will come up with a march that will lead to major changes in country.

Now its been 36 days since Imran Khan is standing in Islamabad along with thousands of PTI and Naya Pakistan lovers who everyday chants and shouts Go Nawaz Go. Go Nawaz Go has become the slogan of Pakistan these days. Lets see whether Imran Khan succeeds in his mission or not. Imran Khan wants Nawaz Sharif to step down because he has reservations that if Nawaz Sharif will be on seat there is no chance of justice.

Go Nawaz Go Cover Photo, Pics & Wallapers on Social Media:

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