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Most of the females seem conscious about their hair. Hair adds the additional beauty in the personality. That is way everyone has to care his hair. You have to give some time to your own self not daily but at least in a week. Teen age girls are suffering from the many problems of hair some of them are very common like hair fall, dandruff and many other.

There are some tips that will surely give you the batter result within a short time.

  1. Never take bath without oiling your hair. You can use the any oil but olive is very useful for hair it will increase the growth of the hair. Remember always avoid to apply hair oil more than one hour.
  2. It is the very important point if you really want the long hair. You have to do the trimming of hair at least in a month also cut hair minimum one inch monthly.
  3. Do not use hair dryer on a daily bases and also do not use hair straighter these machines just damage your hair they become dry and rough.
  4. Avoid using the brush in wet hair.
  5. Always use your personal brush and do not use the brush of any other.
  6. If you  have a dandruff problem the use this home natural tip

                                I.            Take half cup Yogurt and mix it with oil apply this mixture on hair you will notice the great difference. Apply it minimum in a week

                              II.            Take yolky of the egg, dry milk one teaspoon, oil one teaspoon, butter one teaspoon, turmeric  one teaspoon mix all the thing in one cup then apply to you hair minimum in a week yow dandruff will completely remove and you will see the hair shining.

  • 7. Apply lemon juice to your hair. After 15 minutes wash with soap or shampoo. When it gets dry apply nigella oil, Inshallah hair fall will stop. You can also Massage with olive oil befor going to bed.
  • 8. Mix coconut oil or Mustard oil with lemon juice and apply to your hair at night and wash your hair in morning, hair fall will stop. Lemon juice is also useful and beneficial for nails and hand, your nail will be clean and shiny.
  • 9. People who are facing the problem of hair fall, mix one spoon of olive oil, one spoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon, apply this mixture to your hair leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it. After few days hair fall will stop and your hair becomes shiny and strong.

بالوں کی حفاظت

خوبصورت اور حسین بال ہر اک کو دلکش اور حسیں لگتے ہیں ۔اپنے بالوں کو خو بصورت چمکدار بنانے کے لیے درج زیل نقاط پہ عمل کیجیے ضرور فائدہ ہو گا۔

  1. بالوں کو دھونے سے پہلے تیل ضرور لگایئں کم از کم ادھے یا ایک گھنٹے تک کیلے اس سے بالوں کا روکھا پن دور ہو جاۓ گا اور چمکدار ہو جاۓ گے
  2. اپنے بالوں کو کم ازکم اک ماہ میں اک انچ تک ضرور کٹواۓ اس سے بالو ں کی بہتر ظور پہ نشو نما ہو تی ہے
  3. اپنا ذاتی برش اتعمال کریں۔کسی اور کا برش ہرگز استعمال نہ کر یں
  4. املا ،ریٹھہ،سیکا کا ٰئ ہم وزن لیں تما اجزاء کو باریک پیس کے اسے پانی میں ابال لیں جب ا یک دو ابال ا جایئں تو انچ بند کر لیں۔پھر اس پانی کو ٹھنڈا کر کے  کسی کھلے برتن میں محفوظ کر لیں۔ اور بالوں یہ شمپو کرنے کے بعد جب صاف ہوں ان میں لگایئں ۔اسے بالوں پہ کم از کم 15 منٹ تک لگا رہنے دں پھر نیم گرم پانی سے سر دھو لیں۔یہ ازمودہ ترکیب ہے ۔جس جس نے ازماٰئی فائدہ ہوا۔ضرور ازمایئۓ ۔
  5. بالوں پہ زیادہ شمپو استعمال کرنے سے اجتناب کریں۔اور شمپو ہمیشہ پانی میں ملا کے لگائیں۔

Hair tips in Urdu & English


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