Humayun Saeed Cheating his Wife with Actress Ushna Shah

(Last Updated On: 23/03/2014)

Humayun Saeed is not only an actor, he is a film star, he produced dramas and films as well and he is considered one of the most favorite Pakistani TV drama actors. Loyalty has always been an issue with Humayun Saeed no doubt. Some time ago, he was found cheating his wife with co-actress Ayesha Khan. Rumor was spread everywhere but later it was revealed that it was just a rumor spread by Geo News channel in order to increase their ratings.

Humayun Saeed Ayesha Khan Scandal

But now there has been another news that Humayun Saeed is dating actress Ushna Shah. Actress Ushna Shah is the leading character in drama serial Bashar Momin. It has been reported that Humayun Saeed is seeing the actress regularly and both of them are spending their evenings together.

The media sources claim that Humayun Saeed is so much interested in Ushna Shah and fans have been criticizing both Humayun and Ushna for these news but both of them seem to enjoy the criticism and did not care to clarify the situation as yet.

Ushna Humayun

Media watchdogs started to realize that they are both dating when they were seen entering and leaving parties and social gatherings together regularly. Surprisingly Humayun Saeed reached the opening ceremony of drama Bashar Momin without being invited at the ceremony.

They were both found enjoying the ceremony together and even Humayun Saeed reached media wall without management’s permission to meet Ushna. Some of the news sources claim that both the actors are seen at many other places as well that gives the strength to the idea that they indeed are taking interest in each other and their meetings can unarguably be called dating now.


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