Indian Singer Hans Raj Hans has Embraced Islam

Media reports were circulating for quite some time that famous Indian singer Hans Raj Hans has accepted Islam as religion but confirmation was nowhere to be found.

Now he has confirmed the media reports himself. According to report in newspaper, the singer has adapted Islamic name of “Mohammad Yousuf”. He further clarified that as far as singing industry is concerned, he will pursue with his name “Hans Raj Hans”.

He exclaimed that he has studied Islam very closely. Then he started to read the Holy Quran and that is when he started to feel the essence of teachings of Islam and the divine revelation.  I listened to the call of my heart and decided to embrace Islam as a religion, he added.

According to him Islam is a religion of love and peace and that is why everyone should follow the teachings of Islam.

According to Hans Raj Hans (Muhammad Yousuf), he is feeling proud on becoming a Muslim and he wishes to visit Madinah as soon as possible.

He said that he is feeling so much relieved after embracing Islam and he cannot describe the feelings into words.

Hans Raj Hans before embracing Islam belonged to the Sikh religion. He revealed that he has accepted Islam in Lahore, Pakistan. He stressed that Pakistan and India has to resolve all the issues affecting their relationships negatively with dialogue. This will fulfill the wishes of Millions of people across the borders of India and Pakistan.

It is noteworthy that during late 2013 and early 2014, many celebrities have embraced Islam and Islam is spreading as the most popular religion throughout the world.

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