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Jawad Ahmad Enters into Politics Through his Own Party “Barabari”

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 26/05/2014)

Jawad Ahmad has announced to make his own political party by the name of Barabari which means equality. One can’t decide whether to consider it in category of Shocking or category of Surprise. Well yes Mr. Jawad Ahmad has announced that he will be standing in next elections from the platform of his party by the name of Barabari. Jawad Ahmad is a famous singer of Pakistan and has sung some extraordinary songs.

His famous songs are Bin tery kya hy jeena, Tu hi Dildar hy, Uchiyan Majajan alli. Jawad started his singing career back in 2000 and after that he came up with some other music albums. Jawad Ahmad has always been seen in a welfare projects he loves serving humanity. Those who have met him are of the opinion that he is a very good person he never have misbehaved with his fans. His song Uchiyan Majajan alli has won award of best Bhangra song in Indus award.

Jawad Ahmad has also won Tamgha e Imtiaz for his music services. Jawad Ahmad party motto is to bring educated people to assemblies. Jawad Ahmad aims to make an educated Pakistan, he aims to give women their rights, he aims kill poverty in the country and he aims to bring true justice to the country. Jawad Ahmad is of the opinion that this country need Engineers, Doctors to run.

Illterate people are ruling us due to unawareness and lack of education, a common man doesn’t know the importance of his vote and his contribution to the country. Jawad Ahmad says that his party will bring justice to the country and his party will end corruption. It’s a good sign that celebrities are now thinking betterment of Pakistan and are trying to bring change in the country. We wish the 44 year old Singer best of luck for his party and mottos.

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