Major Health Benefits of Lemon


Lemon is a very useful fruit. Its birthplace is described to be South Asia. Due to its efficacy, lemon has spread all across the world today. Lemon water helps in metabolism that helps in better digestion of food benefiting your body. Some other important benefits of lemon are as follows.

  1. Cleansing of the Liver

According to recent research published in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology & Psychology; lemon contains a chemical named Naringin that is very helpful in cleansing of liver.

  1. Source of Potassium Acquisition

Lemons are rich source of Potassium. Presence of Potassium in human body helps prevent various heart and mental disorders while at the same time enhance nervous system of human body.

  1. Mucus Removal

Lemon has this astonishing ability of removing mucus that is stuck in the throat. Furthermore if lemon juice is mixed in warm water and used for gargles, it will give soothing effect to the throat.

  1. Savior from Arthritis

Contents of lemon do not let Uric Acid to grow thus help saving human being from pain in the joints. Uric Acid is the causing agent of pain in joints.

  1. Recovery of Weak Cells

Use of lemon cause quick recovery of weakened or destroyed cells due to smoking or use of alcohol. Lemon has anti-oxidant characteristics due to which recovery of destroyed or weakened cells become fast.

  1. Immunity

For the development of immune system, Vitamin C is vital. Lemon contains 55% of Vitamin C thus it is one of the best options to develop your immune system. One cannot simply look down upon lemon if he/she wishes to develop the immune system.

  1. Skin Refresher

Freshness of skin is desired by almost all of us. Drinking lemon juice has positive effects on the skin while applying lemon juice directly to skin also has very positive effects on the skin and skin could look very beautiful and fresh after the application of lemon juice directly on it.

  1. Rings Around the Eyes

Lemon is widely used to reduce the rings made around the eyes.

  1. Used As Laxative

Lemon juice is very useful to stimulate the digestive system and thus it is very helpful in averting constipation.


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