Meera’s Bold Reply to Sangeeta

Despite of being in a controversy Meera couldn’t control herself and gave a strong and bold reply to veteran actress and now director/producer Sangeeta. Sangeeta while giving and interview few days back said that Meera should play roles that matches to her age window. She further added that now Meera should come in films as elder sister of heroines. Well one should be pretty careful while talking about the age of a woman and should be extremely careful while talking about the age of an actress. This is what Sangeeta mam did wrong she commented on Meera’s age.

War Of Words Between Sangeeta And MeeraMeera on the other hand didn’t took a second to give her reply and when a reporter of newspaper asked her about the comment of Sangeeta, the controversial heroine said Sangeeta is more like a grandmother now she should concentrate on prayers and receptance. Meera further added that Sangeeta has played a vital role in destruction of Pakistan film industry by making poor quality films Meera further added that Sangeeta should be avoid this cheap way of getting in to news.

Meera said it’s too immature of her. She also asked Sangeeta to leave film industry and let the young ones to run it as its beyond her capability. The 37 year old actress said that more like Dadi Ma and her gestures should be mature. Meera nowadays is facing the consequences of the video that leaked few months back and is trying hard to get rid of it. She also has to appear before court regarding that video. Well Meera can bear anything but not a single word about her age. She sent a shut up call to everybody talking about her age.


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