Mobilink: Fastest Growing Brand Globally on Facebook

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2014)

Social Bakers has certified Mobilink as the World’s Fastest Growing Brand on Facebook. Social Bakers is the global provider of network statistics and analysis for social networks.

This has happened for the first time that a Pakistani brand has led global charts. Not only this but Social Bakers ranked Mobilink as the most socially devoted Pakistani brand for consecutive second month on social media.

Mobilink fans crossed 2.1 Million Facebook fans and its followers on Twitter are more than 89,000. Ali Murtaza who is the Director Marketing of Mobilink said that

The overwhelming response of our growing fan base on the social media and our leading statistics are reflective of our focus on providing the best customer experience on all fronts. As social media and mobile internet become a popular way of modern communication, Mobilink continues to empower its customers with the best online experience to create ‘a better every day’ for everyone.

It is appropriate to mention here that Mobilink has the best response rate of 94% for customer queries on social media as described by Social Bakers. Social Bakers issued statistics of Twitter for the month December 2013 that shows that Mobilink escalated strongly through the charts and reached a Klout score of 61 having a 5 points lead over the closest competitor on 1st of January 2014.

It is worth mentioning that Mobilink strategized for connecting with its fan base on the social media and launched a new brand named “Har Dil – Har Din” in June 2013. After the launch of this brand the statistics of Mobilink escalated significantly and now online customer engagement of Mobilink and its social media followers have made Mobilink the World’s Fastest Growing Telecom Brand.

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