Our Next Indian Bhabi Nigar Khan

Well Pakistani’s get ready for our new Indian bhabi and we have to welcome her in same passion as we did welcome our Sania Bhabi. Yes it’s true that another Indian celebrity is going to be our bhabi soon. This time its Bollywood actress Nigar Khan. Most of people will be thinking who Nigar Khan? Let me introduce you to Nigar Khan, she is sister of Gohar Khan who recently won Bigg Boss 7. She is often seen in negative roles in Indian soaps but she is role model of her younger sister Gohar Khan. The dazzling actress have admitted that she is going to marry a Pakistani.

Upon asking about who is her prince of dreams, Nigar Khan replied that well he is Pakistani Business man residing in Dubai. The 34 years old actress is settled in Mumbai. She is active in showbiz activities since 2002 and still is favorite choice of directors and producers when it comes to negative characters. In real life she is a very sweet lady and is full of life.

Nigar Khan told media that she was proposed by Pakistani Businessman and to which she couldn’t resist. She further added that she won’t disclose his name as it would cause problems for him because media will contact him and that will disturb his routine work. Well the trend of getting Indian Bhabi’s is on. We accepted our lovely sania bhabi with open arms and will do the same to Nigar Bhabi and now we are going to find who is Mr. Perfect for Nigar Khan. We wish Nigar Khan best of luck for her future and waiting to receive her in best possible way at Pakistan.


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