PTA Allowed Warid Telecom to Launch 4G LTE Commercially

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 05/05/2014)

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has officially allowed Warid Telecom to launch 4G LTE technology on commercial scale. Other telecom operators seemed shocked by the news. Negotiations between Warid Telecom and PTA took place rather secretly and rumors turned out to be true.

On 23rd of April 2014, during the 3G and 4G auction, Warid Telecom decided not to participate in the auction and Warid customers seemed quite frustrated about this action of Warid. Warid Telecom managed the pressure at that time and now it is one of the most discussed news how Warid is going to provide the fastest next generation technology to its customers before any other telecom operator in Pakistan.

Warid achieved the 4G LTE license back in 2004 and this license was technology neutral meaning that they were allowed to launch 4G LTE using this license at any time. The only restriction for the license was that before using this license on commercial scale, Warid Telecom had to seek permission of PTA and now Warid has successfully done that. Before the permission was granted, experts were of the opinion that PTA will not allow Warid to use the license but Warid successfully bypassed all the odds and now is in position to launch latest technology for its customers.

All other Telecom companies in Pakistan are stunned by this news and are angry over PTA. The reason for their frustration and anger is quite obvious as they have combined paid 1.12 Billion Dollar to get their 3G and 4G licenses while Warid got their license very cheap.

Zong the only 4G operator in Pakistan is the most disappointed as Zong has paid the largest sum in total of 1.12 Billion Dollar and it currently is in no position to launch 4G in Pakistan any sooner. On the other hand Warid is in great position to launch the technology as Warid has been providing Wateen Wi-Max to its customers.

All this might get dirty if other companies approach courts on this issue and the situation might turn out to be a bloody competition between Warid and all other four telecom companies of Pakistan.


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