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Sayeeda Warsi Says Britain Giving Weapons to Israel

(Last Updated On: 07/08/2014)

Sayeeda Warsi, who recently has resigned over Gaza situation, has issued a statement in which she alleged Great Britain of supplying weapons to Israel. She said that Britain is supplying weapons to a country that is using them to kill innocent children.

Talking to private television channel, Sayeeda Warsi said that she resigned over the voice of her conscience and Britain is supplying weapons to Israel that are being used to kill children. She further said that Israel has to reply for the war crimes took place in Gaza.

She insisted that after destruction in Gaza, to restore peace and life in Gaza, a proper strategy should be formulized.

Sayeeda Warsi resigned a couple of days ago after British government kept silent over Israel’s aggression over Palestine in which more than 1900 people died in Gaza.

Sayeeda Warsi’s step was appreciated all over social media and other sources of media throughout the world and Pakistan. Many young people from Pakistan appreciated her step on social media and gave her title of a brave woman with a living conscience.

Many claim that Sayeeda Warsi unveiled David Cameron and the British government. Many top international forums like United Nations kept silent over the issue and did not take any kind of steps to stop Israel from aggression.

Not only that but many Muslim countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries were highly criticized for not doing anything in this regard.


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