Solar Rickshaw Invented by Karachi Students

Young engineers from Karachi have invented a new rickshaw that is capable of solely running on Solar Energy. This is not all but it has extra capability of getting charge from electricity.

In such times where Pakistan is facing worst power and fuel crisis that the country has ever seen, something like this is a major breakthrough. You don’t need to worry about expensive petrol or diesel, nor have you to worry about CNG. What can be more relieving?

Not only the solar energy is free of cost but if the owner wishes, they can charge the rickshaw via electric charger and can run the rickshaw through electricity. The cost is very minimal i.e. only 75 paisa per kilometer. This is nothing but almost equal to free.

There will be less noise pollution and no environmental pollution at all that is produced by normal vehicles so this rickshaw is environment friendly as well and can be a great help in reducing the environmental pollution.

The cost of this rickshaw is around 1.5 lac Pakistan Rupees and it runs on 1000 watts of motor. The maximum speed of this rickshaw could be 40 kilometer per hour which is very good and safe.

Earlier the news of Made in Pakistan Car Solely Running on Solar Panels was published and it seems that Pakistani youth are taking the matter of energy crisis seriously. But the point of concern is that no real effort from government’s side is seen so far.

These kind of projects must be supported and encouraged by the government of Pakistan in order to get a hold on the energy crisis in Pakistan.

Karachi students produce solar & electrical… by awaztoday101

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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