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10 Most Popular Hairstyles for guys in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 26/09/2015)

Pakistani lads have taken style far beyond the previously existing Eastern tradition, with their creativity and inventiveness, they have created some epic styles which shows their utmost credibility in the field.

Here are the popular hairstyles for guys in Pakistan:

Shaved Art
This style has got quiet famous among young Pakistanis, although it isn’t liked by the elders. This style with a little beard  makes them to sizzling to handle. In this hairstyle, hairs are shaved from the side or middle, it all depends on how you find it better.



Short Spike hairstyle
This hairstyle has been lying among the top of the list from last several years. The style is simple as sides are smaller as compare to the middle. The hairs in the middle are glued with gel on top, which provides fascinating look and most importantly it is something to be called as ‘pupil’s choice’.


Messy or rough look haircut
It looks something went wrong or might you have forgot to comb but this is a rising trend, getting popular by every passing day. The most fascinating thing about this hairstyle is you don’t need to look again and again in the mirror to checkout whether your hairstyle is alright or you need comb, it is something simply awesome. This style is also widely popular among Hollywood star Robin Pattinson and David Beckham.



Blown Back Suave
This is the most elegant and romantic hairstyle lying in the list. The hairstyle is mostly preferred by the ones having height more than 6 feet, although it has no height-restriction. The style can be termed as ‘chocolaty’, as it develops cute looks.


Mohawk hairstyle
The style is simple as sides are kept short and top is long, either in upward direction or in messy way. The style looks epic and is quite suitable with people having long facial features. It is often seen that with this style hair pencils are kept thin.


Long spike hairstyle
This style is much similar to the usual spike hair cut or short spike, although hairs on top are structured as long spikes which are even sharp at the edges. To set this hairstyle, large amount of gel and spray are required. And if you are going to have this hairstyle, be ready! for sure this will stun your friends and family.

long spike

Side-angle cut (one side)
In this hairs are shaved from one side or shortened and off other part are kept long. The style is quite adorable and is mostly adopted by school or college boys. The guys aiming to blow up minds with some romantic looks must have this haircut.


Classical hairstyles
In Pakistan, this can be termed as the ‘most liked hairstyle by the parents’. Many children from their childhood are just told to have this hairstyle, even many looks sexy in it and are mesmerizing with their lethal looks. There are many classical hairstyle but over here we are talking about this: (Check pictures).


Medium length hair with fringe
The style is quite famous among the starlets, as this makes them look sizzling and simple, simultaneously. In Pakistan, this hairstyle is adopted with adding more creativity in it.


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