Aamir Liaquat appointed as president of Geo TV

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 03/11/2015)

The eminent broadcaster Aamir Liaquat has been appointed as President of Geo Entertainment by the famous Geo group. In a recent tweet, pioneer of religious programs on TV, Aamir Liaquat told that he has been positioned as President  of Geo TV (Entertainment) . He  seems excited while telling this news as he entitled it as a ‘Breaking News’.


Not to forget that, Aamir is one of the  most proficient media-man of Pakistan and even his abilities are worldwide acclaimed and over his contribution, he was lined up for the third time consecutively among the list of 500 Most influential Muslims in the world.

Last year, Aamir Liaquat parted his way from Geo and did special Ramzan program on Express Entertainment, but this  year on Ramzan, he rejoined Geo TV and came up with Ramzan special program, which was record breaking as always. His Ramzan telecasts are not just famous in Pakistan, the transmission are seen across the globe with the religious solemnity. Over his latest appointment on one of the top slot in Geo Group, he feels indebted and thinks it as “fruit of patience”.


This is not all, the highly regarded debater has more to tell you, according to his tweet he will be coming up with some new and unique initiatives, which will be setting new high standards in the industry.


After Ramzan show, he didn’t came up with any new program and with his latest revelations it seems that his upcoming program will be taking the industry up on the new standards.


He also told about his appointment as Group Editor of Daily Jang (Religious Affairs) and he will be writing his column regularly with the title ‘Loudspeaker’ on Jang newspaper.


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