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ARY News Most Searched and Popular TV channel of 2014

According to the recent Google search report ARY News is the most searched TV channel of 2014. The channel has go incredible popularity in last year, even though there are numerous numbers of NEWS channels are already working for long time. But only ARY News has got this honor in Pakistan while Express news ranks 2nd on same tables.

In the begging there was only a one ARY channel in broadcasting industry that was available in Pakistan. Then with the passage of time as channel has increased its demand, popularity and became successful in maintaining its standard. Now at that time it has expanded its network of channels and more than 4 channels are serving not only in Pakistan. But also in international level as in the countries of Middle East, North America and Europe.

ARY provides entertainment, NEWS and Islamic services. In 2004 more than four channels were serving under the ARY belt named as ARY Digital that is an entertainment channel that presents dramas telefilms morning show and many more, ARY News, a 24hr NEWS, ARY Qtv that provides religious knowledge and services and last is ARY Musik. Only after one year two more channels named as Fashion TV and FTV Pakistan became the member of ARY family. Some other projects are also under development.

It is the great achievement for ARY network to maintain the quality of projects, spending more than 10 years successful and honored with most searched NEWS TV of Pakistan. It will surely help Pakistan economically. It shows right picture to world of any matter that is why people like to watch it.

For further details you can visit ARY official website. You will surely find all about ARY family, projects. You can also give the feedback or any suggestion that will mean really a lot to them.

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  • Shedi on 29/12/2015

    Yeah during Darna ARY News got a lot of views. ARY News announced this news in the headlines.


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