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One of the most awaited movies from HUM TV ‘Bin Roye’ has finally been premiered and it features famous actress Mahira Khan as Saba and Humayun Saeed as Irtiza while Pakistani-Canadian actress Armeena Rana Khan appearing as Saman. Mahira Khan has given two years to this movie and her acting skills in the movie are excellent. Emotional scenes after interval are specifically spectacular. Humayun Saeed on the other hand looks a little old but not a bad choice for the character at all. Debutant actress Armeena Rana Khan has done justice to her character as supporting actress in the movie. It is a pure family drama film having romance, suspense and emotions. The story revolves around Saba’s lost love, regret of losing her love and then finally reunion.

Bin Roye Cast

The very first scene shows Saba on chand raat in Pakistan saying

Kehtay hain eid ka chand dekh kar jo dua mango, wo puri hojati hai, bus jo mera hai, wo mera hi rahay

کہتے ہیں عید کا چاند دیکھ کر جو دعا مانگو، وہ پوری ہو جاتی ہے، بس جو میرا ہے، وہ میرا ہی رہے

The night with a lot of colorful happenings around both Irtiza and Saba. With this scene, the chand raat culture in Pakistan is beautifully portrayed.

Saba is shown teenager and Irtiza in his thirties but despite the age difference, the chemistry between them is phenomenal. Before this chemistry could turn into love, Irtiza goes abroad and falls in love with Saman who is the elder sister of Saba. Rest of the story tells Saba’s lost love regret, obsession to get it back, hopelessness etc.

The movie Bin Roye could be regarded as emotional roller coaster taking lots of time to reach the destination and Mahira Khan stands out in the movie due to her stunning performance as always.

Sadiya Azhar who is a famous blogger from Karachi expresses her feelings about the movie in words as

We all know how difficult it is to do justice to the books but here we are facing a totally different story. There was a lack of harmony in the scenes. Everything was happening very abruptly. I like my mango shake and my movies quite blended

What could be the reason for things happening abruptly? The answer could be due to the number of directors. It has been reported that Bin Roye has been directed by 6 different directors at different stages of its completion. Despite this weakness, the movie has caught the attention of viewers throughout Pakistan due to strong acting of Mahira Khan, good music and breathtaking locations. Shots were stunning due to beautiful locations.

Music of Bin Roye has been produced by some of the big names of the industry like Abida Parveen, Sheeraz Uppal, Zeb Bangush and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan but ‘O Yara’ by Ankit Tiwari stands out. After the premier in Karachi, quite a few viewers were heard humming ‘O Yara’. Balle Balle, Teray Bin Jeena and Maula Maula also were in discussion after the first show came to an end.

Bin Roye has been released on 17th July in India while in Pakistan it was released on first day of Eid ul Fitar. Overall rating awarded to this movie will be 4 out 5 stars due to some individual acting skills of Mahira Khan and some good balanced music.

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