Chamomile – A Tea with Benefits

Since the dawn of civilization, man is heavily relying on herbal raw and final products. However, for a while the domination of allopathic medicine is prevailing, but the use of herbal products is not optional but essential having near to zero side effects. Among several herbal plant, Chamomile or camomile, a daisy like plant, guarantees staggering amount of benefits. One from the many is “Anti-Aging” merit which is probably mostly liked by the women. It is a popular value addition to cosmetic products; giving gloomy appearance to skin while protecting you from scorching sunshine and giving sun-kissed look to blonde or light brownish hair. Research has found that enjoying chamomile tea each day can be helpful from getting rid of diabetes, arthritis (pain in joints), painful gums, toothaches, and even cancer which are common diseases at present. Only a single cup of chamomile tea can guarantees you all of this and many more benefits, if use on daily basis for a couple of months. But for the females, please be very cautious with chamomile tea if you are currently or trying to fall pregnant.
Chamomile tea is truly a powerhouse tea with surprisingly wide range of benefits. Besides providing health benefits, it can also empower you emotionally. Thanks to this herb’s soothing and versatile properties. For this it can safely be said that surely “Chamomile – A Tea with Benefits”.

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Shoaib Ur Rehman is a plant scientist who likes to do research on agronomic plants especially on staple food. Beside this he also likes to write about latest ongoing research and development having a direct impact on human being. Having secured a Master’s degree in Plant Breeding Genetics from PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi. Currently he is serving Four Brothers Group, as a scientific officer based in Multan, Pakistan.


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