Clean Water ATM Machines in Pakistan

Having access to clean drinking water is every human being’s basic right. The areas where water sources are polluted usually develop large number of disease. Availability of clean water  is one of the biggest issues in Pakistan’s rural and urban areas. Lack of clean water forces people to use unhygienic water which causes number of health hazards. Pakistan is one of the leading country in hepatitis C ratio and the major portal for the spread of hepatitis C is polluted water. Government has been trying to provide clean water . in order to do so water supply plants have been installed in different cities and districts at massive level. Recently a new up-gradation is done to these plants and that is installation of an ATM machine. No, it is not to draw cash. Infect this machine will allow users to take water from plants.

According to the ministry , Every family will be provided with their ATM cards. Those cards will be used to take water from water supply plants and they will work automatically. There will be options to end the water drainage to start it. Every family will be allowed to take 30 liters of water on daily basis. Initially these plants are being installed in the areas where polluted water is a major problem. For example Faisalabad, Gujranwala etc. later on the government is planning to promote the project to all over the Punjab. For this purpose some 20 billion rupees has been allocated.

Chief executive officer of Punjab Saaf Paani (company) commented:

“it’’s one of the top priorities of the provincial government, to ensure provision of clean drinking water in each locality, as access to clean water is a fundamental human right,”

The project is result of hard work by IPAL innovation for poverty alleviation alb and they have worked with Punjab saaf pani. Their collaboration brought us the A.T.M machine water supply

Jawad Abbasi who is a program manager at IPAL said

“The innovative machines will help the government maintain a record of the exact quantity of clean drinking water being dispensed in a day in a specific locality, besides ensuring its quality”

Thus the government will know exactly how much consumption and how much more water plants are needed in any area.


It seems like a good effort and let’s hope it works in the long run as well.


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