Refreshing Cocktail Drink For Rough Pakistani Summer


It is the time of summer, and nothing can be more refreshing except for the drinks that one can have, so this is really important that you should know about some of the recipes that you can use in order to make yourself feel better in such hot season. Here we are going to let you know about some of the recipes that you can easily benefit from as all we want is simply that you should know about some delicious recipes of the refreshing drinks, so let’s see what we have here.


Commonly in every house the following ingredients are present so you won’t have to spent some extra cash on them.

You will need

  • A soft drink, best if it’s clear one
  • Fruit cocktail, you can make one on your own or you can also buy the canned one
  • Pineapple juice, or if you are using fruits cocktail from a can then its syrup will be enough
  • A stick, this will be used to bead the fruit chunks on
  • A table spoon of thick chunky sugar
  • And an umbrella for decoration


  1. First of all put some juice along the sides of the gasses and dip that in the sugar now keep them in the fridge so that it will be completely chilled when you are going to serve the drinks.
  2. Now take the stick and start beading some fruit chunks on that
  3. Take some fruit syrup or pineapple juice and add the drink in it, the ratio should be 1/3 fruit juice and 2/3 the soft drink.
  4. Now take out the glasses carefully pour the drink in them add the beaded stick and add the umbrella, and you are done to impress your loved ones.

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