EasyPay – First Online Payment Gateway in Pakistan

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 28/07/2015)

EasyPay is a product of EasyPaisa accepting online payments in Pakistan through EasyPaisa channels and it is first of its kind in Pakistan. For over six months, this service remained in beta and was launched in early part of this year. It allowed to accept payments through EasyPaisa initially i.e EasyPaisa wallet account or via EasyPaisa outlets.

Now due to the breakthrough in this service, EasyPay has now support for Visa and MasterCard payments thus online sellers have the ability to accept debit and credit card payments on their websites with this service.

Freelancers, hosting companies, shoe-sellers or any e-commerce business can now make use of this service via a debit or credit card. Finally a much-awaited service has been introduced in Pakistan where now anyone can make use of his/her debit or credit card.

EasyPay service is specifically tailored for small to medium sized businesses thus it is hassle-free solution for getting payments through Visa and MasterCard. The business records need to be neither shown nor hefty turn-overs or huge recurring fee or setup charges in order to start your online store. Free to setup and with no annual charges, this service is offered to everyone even if no sale is made till yet.

All you need to have is an EasyPay account with EasyPaisa and that’s all you are going to need. Having a merchant account with EasyPay will trigger the assignment of a team that will help you integrate the solution on your website. Once this is done, you will be able to start accepting debit and credit card payments on your web store. No setup fee is charged whatsoever and EasyPay/EasyPaisa team will help you integrate the solution on your website for free as well.

After the integration part is successfully over, your customers can pay you online by making use of EasyPaisa wallet account, EasyPaisa outlets or via MasterCard / Visa debit and credit card. A processing fee is charged for every transaction. According to EasyPaisa sources, the fee is usual i.e. around 2-4% which is market standard at the moment.

Unlike various other payment solutions, all credit/debit card payments made by your customers will be cleared within three days (after being cleared by partner banks) and will be transferred to your EasyPay account without any holding period and can be withdrawn immediately as per your schedule.

Features of EasyPay

  • Acceptance of payments through MasterCard, UnionPay or Visa
  • Acceptance of payments through EasyPaisa Mobile account
  • Acceptance of payments through EasyPaisa outlet
  • No setup fee and no recurring annual charges
  • Better / equal market transaction charges
  • Instant notifications of payment via phone / email
  • Instant reporting and analytics dashboards
  • Instantly cleared payments for EasyPaisa wallet and EasyPay outlet payment
  • Clearance of debit/credit card payments in up to 3 days

EasyPay Transaction Charges Details for Merchants

  • Paid with Mobile Account = 1%
  • Paid through EasyPaisa outlet = 2%
  • Payment through credit/debit card = 3%

Method of Getting EasyPay Merchant Account

If you have an online store and you are ready to incorporate this solution on your web store, visit the link


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  • We are a newly established online sales company and our bank Account is MCB bank. We want to integrate our payment system with easypaisa system so that we can get our payment through credit cards from Pakistan and rest of the world from our customers.

    What kind of procedures we have to go through

  • Visit this for assistance if you are a developer:

  • can we get payments from internation customers and how to implement this service in laravel any package????

  • I have website on which international will pay me. so can I get payment from international customers by this service or its just to get payment from Pakistan?

  • hi
    my name is irfan ijaz and i wana easy pay merchent online gateway for ngo . prism of life the name of the ngo . and i m the president of prism of life . please send me the detail

  • Ali Sb.
    Fraud kia hai ye to batao? any detail of your allegation? do you know the man behind this vision? do not post any comments with out proof.

  • O bhai yeh service totally fraud hai. Buhat barra fraud ho raha hai pakistanio k sath. Ap khud Telenor ki kisi franchise say pata kr saktay hai.

  • If you want to integrate EasyPay Payment Solution to your website then contact us media-tribes at

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