Humza Arshad: The Brave Comedian

Written by Tammy
(Last Updated On: 06/06/2015)

Not many are brave enough to call out the jihadists directly and to mock them on the stage. Well this Comedian sure is. His name is Humza Arshad and he is a British Pakistani. And he has a lot to say about Jihadists and their ways.

“Have you noticed how in those terrorist videos they’re always sitting on the floor. He said to a group of school kids. “What’s up with that? I swear they can afford a chair.”

And he commented on their pants while pointing at his shins “Always coming up to here, like, did you borrow this from your little brother or something?”

Another of his jokes is:

“Their ankles are very dry, I’m just, like, looking at the ankles, and I’m thinking, bro, I don’t even think they have E45 cream in Syria. Maybe we should make a donation.”


Being a comedian is not an incidental career of choice for him but from age of 10 he had decided to be one. Why is he being so brave and literally putting his life in danger? Well according to him:

“Listen, I’m here for two reasons, No. 1, I’m a British citizen, and I’m proud of where I’m from. No. 2, I don’t want people losing their lives. That’s not what Islam is about.”

“But there are some misguided individuals who are giving us a bad name,” he further added. “We all have to do our part.”

Before bringing in Humza Arshad the Counter terrorism command had tried all means unsuccessfully since 700 British Muslims majority minors left for Syria. Among those were Arshad’s friend’s sister as well. The officer Rick from counter terrorism said:

“There is always that barrier, I remove all badging from the presentation; I come in plainclothes but I’m still a 45-year-old white police officer.”

And about bringing charity workers an anonymous 15 years old said:

“They bring in all these ‘moderate Muslims’ to talk to us, what does that make us?”

Arshad also produced a video with a constable in which they make fun of a Jihadist and finally turn him. In one scene they ask him:

“Bro, why are you looking at people getting their heads cut off and stuff?”

And later with another friend “Maybe he’s going through puberty.”

“He’s 23,” the friend comments.

“He’s Asian, you know,” Bad Man says. “Maybe he’s late.”

Commenting on his life in risk and his image Arshad said:

“Of course I was worried that it would hurt my street cred.I’m not a politician, I’m a comedian,”





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