Innovative Evolution of Pakistani Music Industry Is Required for Its Own Integrity

(Last Updated On: 27/05/2015)

The music industry of Bollywood is going higher and higher.  Being neighbours and because of international demand Bollywood industry killed the Pakistani rock music and Pakistani rock stars. But still people enthusiastic about music are working a lot dependently or independently in this domain.  In fact, we can’t deny this fact that many talented Pakistani rock stars are now making their way out of the country as they are seduced by Bollywood charm. Few weeks back one of the musical band of Pakistan known as Mismaar right after their self-imposed exiles performed their live gig after seven years and started their this gig publically with an Indian song of Sunn Raha Hai from movie Aashiqui 2. This action of Mizmaar opened the way for food for thoughts for many other musical groups existing in Pakistan.


Kashan Admani leading guitarist of Mizmaar musical group while talking to the representative of Express Tribune told that now public bother for sets  and glamour instead of music quality and Bollywood musical industry affecting the integrity of musical bands right here in Pakistan. This is not a lie that Bollywood industry killed many stars of us because of their ever increasing demand. He further justified his statement by saying this that in past our famous groups like Junoon, Noori, strings used to play folk songs in their gigs but now they perform Bollywood songs as this is what public want from them.

Kahsan said that classical and old Indian songs are quite difficult o perform but now all variety of their music is revolving about pop music which is easy to perform and people here in Pakistan are performing them from past few years. Now there are limited channels of Pakistani music as Indian music channels are overwhelming everywhere.


He said that while on stage they have to satisfy the crowd so in order to get the appreciation they prefer to perform what public want from  them but not their own exiled or gigs of their own choices.  In other words, we can say that our Pakistani singers are compelled to perform Indian songs.

In his opinion old Indian classic songs are difficult to perform as complex classical tools and techniques used in them but now their pop songs are easy to perform so many musical bands here use to perform their own version of Indian song which is easy to perform and get famous. He said it is a need of the hour that our bands keep own evolving with new and innovative ideas for rehabilitation of our own music industry. As currently our own musical bands are not getting fame so much. This band is going to release their third album in near future.

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