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ISI shows concern over NADRA’s software

(Last Updated On: 15/09/2015)

ISI has placed question mark on NADRA’s database as their information might be getting into the hands of hostile foreign agencies. The doubt raised tells that the information of Pakistani nationals might be slipping in the hands of ISI’s counterpart agencies like CIA (U.S.), RAW (Indian) and Mossad.

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The foremost intelligence agency of Pakistan has also shared their apprehensions in writing form, although no response from NADRA is given yet.933042-fakecnic-1438823961-573-640x480

“We [the agency] can’t rule out the possibility of leakage of sensitive database [of Pakistanis] to hostile agencies- the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Mossad,” writing from the ISI report tells.

ISI have raise concerns over the thumb-digister system of NADRA, which was purchased from a French company back in 2004.

In 2014,

22,000 fake CNIC

were issued

The Intelligence Company has shown apprehensions as they have found that the company from which database was bought is an Israeli originated company.

Pakistan endorses highly complex relation with Israel, as Pakistan has even not accepted Israel as a state.

Automatic Finger-Print Identification System (AFIS)  was purchased in 2004, has a capacity to verify around seven million finger prints in one second. The system was taken from French Company, Segem, and it worth around $10 million.

As NADRA is having access over the Pakistani nationals, is the only durable and commanding institute of Pakistan regarding registration of nationals.

In 2015,

64,000 fake CNIC

were issued

ISI has alarmed NADRA, as this misdemeanor can even cause security threat to Pakistan. Intelligence Agency has also advised NADRA to design indigenous software/hardware solutions and even if procurement are needed, so go in with reliable and friendly countries not with rival or hostile countries.

An official of the media department told on condition of anonymity: “NADRA neither denies nor confirms receipt of the report from the ISI over the issue.”

“NADRA database is a closed one, that is, it is not available on internet. So, there are no chances of hacking or leaking,” a senior technical expert claimed.

“In 2012, ISI had shared a similar doubts and a team of their technical experts had conducted through technical audit of software NADRA was using to ensure system was safe and no leakages or hacking was possible,” he said.

The expert also claimed that back in 2004, before purchasing the system from Segem the security clearance was taken from ISI.

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