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Jami’s Moor all set to run for Oscar 2016

(Last Updated On: 13/09/2015)

Multi-talented Jamshed Mahmood Raza aka Jami who can be claimed as the most realistic film director, Pakistan film Industry is blessed with. Looking at his box office, none out his two films were able to claim success. In true means we can say his movies are beyond commercialism, portraying the reality and up to a limit that could even get clearance from the censor board.moor-pakistani-film

His recent directed-film which is co-produced even by his Azad Films is chosen as contender in the foreign-language film category at the 88th Academy Awards, decision taken by the Pakistani Academy Selection Committee presided by Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

Glimpse of prestigious Oscar Award
Glimpse of prestigious Oscar Award

The film Moor which literally means ‘Mother’ or ‘Land’ depicts the trouble of railway in Balochistan in 1984. Jami well directed the issue of crisis and rose of corruption in Balochistan which hurdled the citizen to earn their livelihood. It took around 8 years for ‘Moor’ to come on the screens, it’s shooting started back in 2007, faced many problems, at last was released on August 15 2015. Although this film was a complete different venture for the cast and crew as they have face different interferences in between.

The film was never a big blow on box office, although it changed mind of Pakistanis and even the young-directors of industry. Film is claimed as a huge success as it fainted all the purports and came up with an idea which was never tried to show on the screens.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who selected the film as the Pakistani submission for the prestigious awards said: “Moor pushes the boundaries of cinema in Pakistan,”

“A visual treat, the film reminds us of the history of a land we too often ignore.”1522250_606949639359316_1043578616_n

Pakistan Academy Selection Committee includes of:  Founder of Coke Studio Rohail Hyatt, designer Maheen Khan, actress Aamina Sheikh, actor Faizan Tahir, actor Alyy Khan, director Afia Nathaniel, film producer Mazhar Zaidi, director Satish Anand and writer Daniyal mueenuddin.wallpapper-palwasha-wide-600x338

Jami as a music director has got numerous accolades as he had worked with the leading bands and singers of our country. Strings, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Ali Azmat, Hadiqa Kiyani are among those who have got in work with Jami.

Jami knowing about such a tremendous acknowledgement for his film, said: “Journey itself become our destination and with this submission to Oscars our destination is beyond hope now as we know that our stepping stone was in the right direction.”

Jami as Commercials director has craved his unique path as he aims to provide a perfect  blend  of purity and simplicity. He have made ad films in the country for top brands such like Unliever, P&G, Nokia, Tang, Nestle, Sony Ericsson and others.10600548_730371873683758_1787546107592921034_n

Jami’s production house: Azad Film Company is now recognized as one of the leading production house in Pakistan, formed back in 2002 by Jami.  Many TV commercials and music videos are produced under the banner of the house. And has produced two of the films(O21 and Moor)  for Pakistan film Industry.

Jami as film director has come up with two films so far and is ready with his upcoming venture ‘Downward Dog’, which is set to release in 2016. Jami was the co-director along with Summer Nicks of the Pakistani spy thriller film 021. Moor is also one of his venture which also tells that he depicts the reality with most simplicity.

Trailer of the movie:


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