KFC introduces Krunch burger for only Rs. 150

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 12/11/2015)

One of the biggest fast food chain worldwide, KFC has one again proved their generosity, whether is it the winter deal or Christmas deal it will be surely a big one for the foodies out in Pakistan.

KFC having 18,000 outlets in 115 countries and territories is listed among the top restaurants worldwide as it pleasures your taste buds without losing much of your pocket’s weight. KFC’s new arrival ‘Krunch Burger’ is up with an aim to make sure access for all as it just costs Rs. 150.


Comparing this burger with other available locally under unhygienic atmosphere and the others so called famous brands, the price of this new KFC arrival is a far below then them. But when it comes to the taste none can replace what KFC’s magical recipes create.

KFC in Pakistan holds 60 outlets countrywide in 18 major cities of Pakistan, the current economical deal would be available on each and every one.

What’s new-KFC?

The official site of KFC keeps updated their customers with each and every of their new arrival, we’ll be showing you some other new and exciting deals.









For delivery: 111-532-532

For further updates: KFC Pakistan website, KFC Facebook

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