Mohammad Yousuf vs Rameez Raja- A furious battle of words (Video)

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 27/12/2015)

The former cricketers were taken on live call during a show on Geo Sports but rather on commenting or discussing the point of conflict, the cricketers turned the show with their heating argument and at once it looked like a political arena as they both were criticizing each other without any logical concern.

Although, this is not the very first time when Ramiz Raja and Yousif’s quarrel have booked the place in the headlines as they both have multiple times criticized each other but in this video both the players are directly commenting on each other and they way were doing it will never be wrong to call it as they were punching each other with their words.

Over here we’ll be showing you some, previous heat-talks of the two who have made people shock with their furious bombarding words on each other. The moment they were stabbing each other, the host of the show wasn’t able to pronounce a single word as both the cricketers were boiling so high that they seem unstoppable.

After both the cricketers criticise and later abusing each other lessen down the hosts interruption worked in and both of them were stopped on further commenting over the situation.

People on social media mocked both the cricketers over their such attitude during a live TV show, on the other hand, die-hard fans of both the Former Test Cricketers also jumped in to prove that their ‘Hero’ was possessing the right stance and the other one was up with the wrong attitude, although this was all went in vein as this non-ethical talk was a condemnable incident by many of the cric-lovers.


 Videos from the past


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