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Nadia Khan Morning show coming back on GeoTV from 9th November: Promos, posters and schedule

(Last Updated On: 30/10/2015)

The people were a edge of their seats, waiting for what next Nadia Khan will be coming up, the speculation is allover and the Queen of Morning Shows is all set to resume her famous morning show ‘Nadia Khan Show’, which was televised on GEO TV.

According to the sources, the official deal between  the multi talented host and Geo TV was signed in August 2015. But the news wasn’t termed as much validate as gossips were all over that Nadia will be coming up with some different project.


It is pertinent to mention here that Nadia Khan won Best TV  Presenter Award for year 2008 and 2009 in the Masala Lifestyle Awards, for her morning show on GEO TV, Nadia Khan Show.

The veteran Bushra Ansari, who started morning show on Geo TV since September 2015, will have to leave the place for Nadia Khan from 9th November.

The Nadia Khan show will be on-aired from Monday-Friday at 9:00 AM, and it is expected that some changes will also be made in the story line of the show, to boost it with Nadia Khan’s new looks.


Nadia Khan is recognized as the pioneer of the morning shows in Pakistan, as after Nadia Khan’s show claimed huge success on TV, many other channels also tried to gain huge success and came up with several morning shows, but none of them wasn’t able to acclaim such huge success as Nadia Khan show clinched.

The gorgeous Nadia Khan stared her career as a presenter  in 1993 with starring in the show Daak Time (Mail Time) with Uncle Sargam on PTV. The show received huge appreciation and later opened up more paths for Khan. Leading to the success as presenter, she came in acting field, marking her debut with Haseena Moin’s written Pal Do Pal, which also made it to the screens by PTV.

Nadia who is recognized as the best morning show host also got PTV Best Actress Award for Bandhan in 1997. She’s dubbed as Oprah Winfrey of Pakistan as keeping in view her feats and position in the industry.

Official promo of Nadia Khan show


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