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Ntasha Kundi First Pakistani Blogger To Blog Cannes

Written by Tammy
(Last Updated On: 21/05/2015)

Cannes happens to be one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals. Only those lucky people get to attend it who are invited. With passing time not only film industry but fashion industry also showcases their best at the event. There is a saying about red carpet looks in Cannes that “Go big or go home” .for any reporter covering Cannes is the most opportunistic opportunity life can give him, but of course not any reporter makes it to the official list. They are handpicked in every category to represent their country and this year Pakistan has got lucky that our very own blogger Natasha kundi will be covering Cannes for Pakistan officially. She has been handpicked in a group of 50 bloggers from all over the world. For her it is a big opportunity as she mentioned.


“I will be covering the event live from Cannes on my blog and social media; it is an honor that I have been selected out of 900 applicants, one of the lucky ones to score official accreditation globally,”

And lucky for Pakistan as well, she further added

“I will be heading over to Cannes, taking photos and providing an insight into the entire event and hopefully posting backstage interviews with the world’s hottest designers and models,”


Though she is focused on Cannes she has not forget that it is great responsibility to be a first Pakistani to cover Cannes ever

“Being a proud Pakistani, I own and take pride in my Pakistani roots.”

She will observe, write and meat people in the process also these bloggers are suppose to judge the designers showcases. Being the voice of common people their voice matters to the designers too much. As Cannes spokes person mentioned

”Fashion blogging is creating a new era of influencers,” he added. “Now, ‘regular’ people from all over the world are becoming big voices in fashion. The Cannes Fashion Festival is targeted to the final consumer, people who love, buy and wear fashion. And we think it’s important that the people who stay on top of all the latest fashion trends and fashion news around the world should have their say,”

Let’s keep an eye on the blog of Natasha kundi for the live updates from Cannes.

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