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Petrol Becomes Cheaper than CNG in Pakistan

After Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced the reduction in prices of petroleum products by 7.99 Rupees, Petrol has become cheaper than CNG for the first time in 15 years.

New price of petrol is 70.29 Rupees per liter while CNG is available in the market at a price of 71.50 Rupees per KG.

The new prices of Petrol will be applicable from 1st of February 2015. Sales tax on petrol has been increased from 22 percent to 27 percent. Last month, the sales tax was increased from 17 percent to 22 percent.

Due to reduction in the prices of petrol, it is observed that petrol consumption has heavily taken off and its availability in different cities of Pakistan was scarce.

In Punjab no petrol was to be found for a whole week. It is important that government take such steps that will help the people to get petrol at new cheaper prices without any trouble. Whenever the prices are dropped, availability becomes a trouble.

Transport fares are not dropping as expected so the government must take this issue seriously as well and try to benefit the general public travelling in public transport in real sense.

High speed diesel prices are dropped by 5.62 Rupees, light diesel by 9.56 Rupees, High octane prices by 11.82 Rupees and kerosene oil prices are dropped by 10.48 Rupees. CNG as a fuel has been so widely used these days that the government is finding it difficult to supply CNG to commercial plants and CNG stations and at the same time manage the domestic load of natural gas. Drop in prices of petrol is a good thing as it surely will take off the burden on natural gas to be used as fuel in commercial plants and CNG stations and its supply will become smooth to domestic sector in Pakistan.


Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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