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PITB to Develop Restaurant Grading App for Punjab Food Authority

(Last Updated On: 03/09/2015)

Punjab Food Authority is working hard to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption across the Punjab province. To ensure the standards of food articles and to regulate their manufacturing, storage, distribution, sale and import, Punjab Information Technology Board will develop a Restaurant Grading App for the Punjab Food Authority (PFA).

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PITB has already confirmed that it is in a process of developing a grading app for PFA to help the organisation in inspecting the food quality, process of complaint and other food checking practices.

Training of Food Safety Officers
Training of Food Safety Officers

To enhance the skills of officials of PFA and to make them able for using this application, a comprehensive training workshop was conducted by the PITB to facilitate the safety officers for inspecting restaurant across the Lahore. This new application world enables the food safety officers to grade all eateries according to standardized criteria set by the government.

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Yesterday PFA has seized prohibited (haram) meat in Lahore that was of pig. It is a mater of shame that after the meat of dogs, horses, and donkeys, the totally prohibited and haram meat is introducing in Pakistani markets.

KFC Jail Road, Lahore
KFC Jail Road, Lahore

PFA Food Inspection Procedure:




Ayesha Mumtaz bakery Raid

Haram Meat Seized in Lahore

Hotel and Restaurant Seized by Punjab Food Authority

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