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PPSC.gop.pk Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs Guide

PPPC or Punjab Public Service Commission is a provincial government agency that is assigned with the responsibility if hiring and administering the provincial civil services a management services across the Punjab province. The objective and aim of PPSC is to deploy a competent, efficient and responsive public service. PPSC is mainly responsible for holding test, examinations and interviews in order to recruit suitable candidate for provincial services and posts attached with the affairs of the Punjab province.

The job guide regarding PPSC are spread over four steps mainly:-

Guidelines for online submission of applications

Instructions for candidates

Procedure of filling OMR answer sheets

Preparation for interview (in case of interview call).

The process for applying against job advertise by PPSC starts from bank payment and online submission of application with other relevant data.

According to PPSC, here is the procedure for Online Application Submission.

  1. While submitting the application you must ensure all the particulars given in the application are correct. In case of correction / amendment, you must correct the data within the closing date of post applied through the secret code e-mailed to you. No request shall be entertained for change of record subsequently.
  2. Upload your recent Photograph, any irrelevant Picture uploaded will lead to rejection of your application for further processing without serving any notice.
  3. Ensure that you have read all the instructions given in the advertisement for the post you are applying for.
  4. Visually Impaired/blind candidates intending to appear in the Punjab Public Service Commission’s tests/examinations are exempted of application/examination fee.
  5. Before applying, ensure that you have all the required data with you. Also make it sure, you have paid the prescribed fee (as per advertisement) for the post you are applying for. To download Challan Form, Click Here
  6. Valid Mobile, Landline number and email is required for future correspondence. For your interest, it is recommended to add PPSC email address “[email protected]” into your contacts so that you may receive it in your INBOX rather than in JUNK/SPAM folder.
  7. Upload your recent passport size photo in .jpeg format, less than 25KB size.
  8. Upload scanned image of front side of your CNIC (high resolution, CNIC number and picture clearly visible) in .jpeg format, less than 25KB size.
  9. Normally, No Hard Copy of ONLINE APPLICATION form is needed. However if it is required, it is advertised accordingly.
  10. Note: You will not be considered as a PPSC candidate unless you submit online application. Don’t forget to complete this whole procedure.
  11. Process of Filling of Online application may be completed in various phases/steps. You may complete your online application in different times before closing date/time. However, if you quit at any stage, and then want to come again, you will have to come from first step. But all your previously entered information is safe and sound.
  12. After supplying all required information of online application i.e. Bank Receipt Information, Personal Record, Education Record, Service Record, Don’t FORGET to click on “Submit Application” button.
  13. After the submission of application, acknowledgment e-mail will be sent to you on your email id. Moreover Correspondence (regarding Test / Interview date) with candidates will be done via E-MAIL.
  14. Once you press “Submit Application” button, filling of online application phase is complete. Now, a unique Application Number, Token Number will be generated and displayed on the screen and same will be communicated to you on your e-mail id. Keep it with you for further correspondence. Token number is also required if you desire to EDIT/CHANGE your application after submission.

For more details about Online Application Submission, visit: PPSC Online Application Submission Website 

General Instructions for All Candidates: 

Applicants residing abroad having Punjab Domicile will also deposit the fee at the Pakistani Embassy in the currency of that country equivalent to the amount of Application/Examination Fee.

  1. Age Concession

Concession in upper age limit as admissible under the Punjab Civil Servants Recruitment (Relaxation of Upper Age Limit) Rules, 1976, unless relaxation is specifically denied and indicated as such in the advertisement.


Candidates who are in Govt. or Semi-Govt. Service are required to furnish a Certificate of Departmental Permission to the Commission at the time of interview.


If an applicant claims award of 10 additional marks being a son/ daughter of a deceased/incapacitated civil servant, he/she should submit the following documents:-

(a) Death Certificate of the parent from the Corporation/Municipality concerned.

(b) Certificate showing Name and Designation of the Incapacitated or deceased Government Servant, from the Department where he was employed.

(c) Form ‘B’ of Registration of the family of the Incapacitated or deceased Civil Servant.

(d) Affidavit from the candidate that he/she is un-employed, and that he/she has neither already availed the benefit of additional marks nor shall avail this concession in future.

(e) Affidavit from other brothers and sisters of the candidate declaring solemnly that they surrender their right of grant to additional marks in favour of the candidate and neither have they already availed this benefit nor shall claim the same in future.


(i) Candidates applying for the posts of Medical Officers/Women Medical Officers/Dental Surgeons etc. should submit valid certificate of registration issued by PM&DC showing all medical qualifications.

(ii) Engineers/Agriculture Engineers should submit certificate of registration as Professional Engineer under Pakistan Engineering Council Act, 1976.

(iii) Architects and Town Planners should furnish certificate of Registration under Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners Act, 1976.

(iv) Candidate of Civil Judges-cum-Judicial Magistrate and Deputy District Attorney etc. should submit valid Certificate of Registration with Punjab Bar Council.


A candidate shall be allowed to avail three chances for a particular post unless otherwise prescribed by the Government with the following exceptions:

(i) One more chance may be given to a candidate who has acquired additional qualifications and the gap between third and fourth appearance is not less than one year (Not applicable for Combined Competitive Examination)

(ii) If a candidate possesses two post graduate Degrees and applies for the post of Lecturer in Education Department, he/she shall have three (03) chances in each subject.

(iii) In case, age relaxation has been allowed to a candidate, only one chance shall be given.


For Competitive Examinations, a candidate must obtain 33% marks in written examination in each subject and 50% marks in aggregate to qualify for interview. Qualifying marks in MCQ type written tests will be 40%.

Negative marking will be done and 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer in the MCQ type papers.


(a) No candidate will be allowed to appear in a written examination/test/interview unless he/she possesses original and valid Computerized National Identity Card.

(b) Use of Mobile Phone/possession of arms in the examination centre is strictly prohibited.

(c) Canvassing in any form will disqualify a candidate.

(d) The Commission reserves the right to withdraw recommendation of a selected candidate at any stage, if he/she subsequently is found ineligible for the post.

How to fill OMR Answer Sheet during test/exam? 

The following instructions deal with the Computerized Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) answer sheet provided separately. These sheets are graded by a computer, therefore, it is very important that the candidates read and understand these instructions thoroughly before coming for the test. Non-compliance may lead to improper result.

Fig.01 is showing the new Computerized MCQ Answer Sheet that will be used for MCQ Type papers held by the PPSC.
MCQ Answer Sheet consists of 8 different sections

  1. Candidate Particulars
  2. Instructions
  3. MCQ Answer Choices( 1 to 100)
  4. Signature of Candidate
  5. Paper Code
  6. Roll Number Filling Section
  7. Time Line
  8. Signature of Supervisor
  1. Candidate Particulars
    In this Section candidate will write name, father name, CNIC and Examination Centre
    2. Instructions
    In this Section instructions are given for the candidate for filling the answer choices (circles) with examples.
    3. MCQ Answer CHOICES (1 to 100)
    There are Total 100 questions. Each question has four choices from which candidate have to select the most appropriate answer. In some questions, there may not be an exact answer. In such cases select an answer which is most nearly correct. Against each question one line of options from A – D is given.
    Mark choice by filling in the appropriate circle of the line (A to D) completely, marking it by Black marker as shown below.
    Question 1.   Which is the capital of Pakistan?
    A. Lahore       B. Karachi      C. Islamabad            D. Peshawar
 Answer:  The correct answer is Islamabad i.e. C. Hence the circle “C” should be filled in the line opposite to  Q.1 on the answer sheet.


Wrong Filling Remarks

The grading computer will mark improperly filled circles as incorrect answers.

Computer will also mark circles with stray marks or partially filled or circles filled more than once, as invalid answer.


  1. Signature of Candidate
        In this Section candidate will affix signature in the signature box only. Signatures going out of Signature box may reject answer sheet to process through grading machine.
    5. Paper Code
        Fill it according to your Question Paper Code. A, B, C, D, E or F. Shade a circle of your answer sheet relevant to Question Paper Code.
    6. Roll Number FILLING SECTION
       In this section candidate will write Roll Number. PPSC issues roll number comprising of five figures. Roll Number, is filled / written only on the designated place on the Answer Sheet. The following instructions be followed while writing the roll number on the answer sheet
  • Write each figure in one box
  • FillFill the corresponding numbered box for each figure.

Following Examples be studied carefully to avoid improper filling 
Roll No. Filling Examples


       This Section is computer graded area. Writing any thing in this area may reject answer sheet to process through grading machine.
    8. Signature of Supervisor
     In this section supervisor will affix signature in the signature circle.

Instructions for Interviews if Selected


  • Do research on your subject before the interview.
  • Practice interviewing by asking question from yourself. It might be better if you take help from one of your friend.
  • Best English skills is the key to success.
  • Go alone for practice.
  • Be prepared to meet other candidates.
  • Remember your education, training and experience—what you have done.
  • Remember all the skills, abilities and talents you possess that will make you an excellent employee.
  • Study General books, news paper etc.
  • Assemble all necessary papers/documents.
  • Keep in mind all your past experience of interviews, and try to avoid all the mistakes you did before.

Some questions

  • How will you introduce yourself?
  • Have you researched for the post for which you are going to be interviewed?
  • Why you consider yourself most suited person for the post?.
  • Why do you feel you can do the job?
  • What makes you qualified for the job?
  • Do you know about job responsibilities?

Your dressing and appearance

  • All clothes should be neatly pressed. Try to wear new clothes.
  • Clean, polished shoe.
  • Clean and well-groomed hairstyle.
  • Clean, trimmed fingernails.
  • Empty pockets – no noisy coins.
  • No gum, candy or cigarettes.
  • On interview morning, give extra 30 minutes to your appearance.

Introduce yourself

This is the most important point in interview, failing which can out you from the list. So give much time to know about yourself. You must prepare these points.

Personal and Education

This part is used to give the interviewer relevant information concerning you personally and about your educational background. This does not include personal information such as marital status, children, etc.  The education should be either the latest obtained and/or major field if relevant to job objective.

  • Past /Present Experiences

This part is used to share with the interviewer past and present work experiences relevant to the job objective.

  • Life / Career Objectives

This part is about your life / Career objectives. These objectives should relevant to the job.

  • Why you are here ?

You have the knowledge and work experience relevant to the job, that’s why you are here.

Appearing before the interviewer / during interview

  • Introduce yourself with friendly speeches.
  • Show interest in what the interviewer is saying, by nodding your head and leaning toward him/her occasionally.
  • Give positive answers to negative-based questions.
  • Make frequent eye contact.
  • Keep a smile on your face during the interview.
  • Answer politely, and try to relax.
  • Admit when you don’t know.
  • Provide accurate information.
  • Keep friendly environment with the interviewers.
  • Listen carefully to the questions asked. Ask the interviewer to restate a question if you are confused.
  • Answer the questions in the language in which you are asked.
  • Don’t try to be over confidant.
  • Make positive statements.

Things to avoid

  • Poor personal appearance.
  • Lack of interest.
  • Poor knowledge about your future and past experience.
  • Poor eye contact with interviewer.
  • Irrelevant answers to question.
  • Inability to express self clearly; poor voice, poor diction, poor grammar.
  • Lack of planning for career, no purpose or goals.
  • Lack of confidence and poise, nervous, ill at ease.
  • Making excuses.
  • Lack of maturity.
  • Errors in Application Form.


  • Thanks the interviewers for their time.
  • Say ‘Salam’ at leaving the chair.

Official Website of PPSC

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