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Punjab Food Authority imposed Fine Over PC & Avari Hotel

(Last Updated On: 27/07/2015)

Punjab Food Authority shows good hygiene is something not to be compromised with, not under Aysha Mumtaz’s supervision. PFA’s Director Operations, Aysha Mumtaz together with Data Ganj Baksh team make a swoop on 2 of the world class hotels and fine Rupees Seventy five Thousand each. The team inspected Avari and Pearl Continental Lahore and fined both for unhygienic conditions in kitchen earlier on Sat.

PFA also released images of insanitary conditions of kitchen area, bakery, freezers as well as undisposed garbage seen in both the hotels.

Avari was penalized PRs. 25,000 caused by “improper storage space inside chillers, usage of blue drums with no expiry mentioned” in their bakery area, PRs. 25,000 for “leftover food recorded, poor cleaning, unclean hot plate” seen in Ala Carte and PRs. 25,000 for “dirty and also messy stove tops and floor and also improper storage” in Dynasty kitchen area totaling up to PRs. 75,000.

In the same way PC gotten PRs. 25,000 each as a result of “no hand sanitizer and also dish-washer detergent” in Sakura kitchen, “leftover foods recorded and bad sanitation” in Dumpukht and “misbranded jams, expired cakes sponge, unclean hot plate, no product labels on food flavors ,essences as well as cracked eggs, open dustbin” seen in bakery.

In addition to Avari and PC, PFA sealed Hafiz sweets on Raiwand road and amerced BFC PIA road, Big Man’s pizza Shadman, Faizia Sweets and Bakers as well as other eating places and also stores too. Unexpected raids and fines indicate that PFA has swung in to action and won’t taper out until they’ve disciplined every organization merchandising food in Lahore.

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