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Reham Khan Got Married to Imran Khan

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 08/01/2015)

Well many things were said and heard regarding the wedding of Imran Khan also know as I.K. Some said Imran got married during Dharna in the month of November some said that Imran Khan got married but didn’t announced. But today on 08/01/2015 Imran Khan and Rehaam Khan got married for the second time in their lives.

Nikkah was read by Mufti Saeed and finally everybody got to know who is the lucky lady and yes that’s Rehaam Khan. Rehaam Khan was previously weather person of BBC news and after that she joined Dawn News. Nobody knows how actually captain and Rehaam Khan got in touch with each other. The world cup winner Imran Khan was very happy on his wedding ceremony.

Imran Khan is also a very responsible father because he first went to London and asked his sons Salman and Qasim that he want to get married and after their permission Imran Khan got married to Rehaam Khan. The Nikkah ceremony was held at Bani Gala Islamabad. The Haq Mehar was only 1 lakh rupees.

Reham Khan & Imran Khan Wedding Pictures:

Reham Khan Got Married To Imran Khan

Reham Khan & Imran Khan Nikah Pictures

Imran-khan-with-reham-khan Nikah

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